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Garbage ASRock UEFI

August 3, 2013 7:53:32 PM

I have owned an ASRock X79 Extreme 6 mobo for over a year now and I've been quite satisfied with the board's overclocking ability--until now. I just updated the BIOS to version P2.4 (released a few days ago) thinking the new RST driver capability could prove useful; but to my surprise, the new UEFI is completely different and unusable. No longer can you set the CPU ratio to a fixed multiplier but you set a 'max' multiplier instead. As a result, even with Intel speed stepping disabled, as well as all power saving options (C1E, C3, C6), the CPU still throttles according to what I assume to be the turbo boost kicking in, which I would like to be disabled. All my previous overclock settings are now extremely unstable and useless. My goal is a 24/7 overclock that does not idle, but now I can't figure out the complimentary settings in this UEFI version that will allow for the same configuration. Obviously, the EZ OC settings are garbage and let the CPU run at inefficient and sometimes dangerous voltages. Why, in these newer UEFIs, can't you completely disable turbo boost and simply tweak your OC at the precise multipliers and exact voltages you desire? Being forced to used options like "Additional Turbo Voltage" offsets is making my OC experience quite unpleasant. Is anyone familiar with this UEFI or similar versions that no longer allow you to completely disable turbo boost? Any input would be tremendously appreciated.

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