pc wont boot cpu fan at full speed

Today while I was using my pc it just froze and i had to hard shutdown it. When i tried to turn it on it didnt show any display and the processor fan was running at full speed. When it started again it did give the post beep that it does before showing the bios screen but this time there was no display. All the fans psu cpu and gpu were running. I even chwcked the motherboard for some bulging capacitors but all seemwd ok.
It keeps on doing this same thing whenever i turn it on.
I checked the ram individually and there was no difference.....

my system has.

Intel dual core e2180 2.0ghz
Foxconn irvine gl6e
Samsung 320 gb hdd
Gt 630 1gb ddr5
cx 430 v2
2gb ram 1gb each ddr2 667
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  1. When i removed both the rams the motherboard didnt give any error beepcode..
    what could be causing this?
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