Dell Studio 1558 shutting off abruptly

I was playing a game, it was running smoothly, then it went to about 0.25 FPS. Just bringing up the Windows task manager took 30 seconds, at which point I said "screw this" and turned off the power. I turned it back on again and after about 3 minutes, it turned itself off again. No error messages of any kind.

The more often I tried turning it back on, the faster it shut down until eventually it wouldn't even turn on. However, the laptop was barely warm to the touch. After waiting about 15 minutes to turn it on again, I loaded up CoreTemp and it said my CPU was at 45C. After a few minutes of idling, it shut down again.

I also tried running it with just one RAM chip, taking either of them out at a time, still shut down. I took out both and the motherboard beeped at me, which would make me think that it's not a motherboard problem either.

It doesn't seem to matter if the battery's plugged in or not, it's shut down on just battery power, just AC power, or both. There aren't any irregular noises coming from the computer, the ambient temperature of the room isn't hot, and I just don't know what's wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. chulex67 said:

    I checked to see what BIOS is on there already and it says it's A08. I'd try updating to the latest one if I wasn't concerned that it would shut down halfway through!
  2. Yeah i know what you mean, you could download the bios in another pc put it on an usb a move it to your desktop and install, just reboot and see if it still hapens. get back to me when you update your bios. You are on A08 when they already update till A12. If this fix your problem please remember to download all the new drivers for your laptop, When a Company Sells a Laptop, its officially on Beta Mode, Till they start selling them and getting reviews and people start reporting problems with the product and testing them, they start to fix Software related issues, as of this momment with all the updates on Drivers and Bios your laptop should be on the Perfect Point and it shouldnt have any error Software Related.
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