Help me perfect this system for gaming/storage!

I am going to be putting together a system in the next 2-3 months. I will use the system to play games and to store photos/videos in a Raid 1 setup. I love to play MMOs, which I understand are very CPU heavy. The photos/videos are family stuff that I cannot lose. I am also trying to build with an eye to the future; I want to be able to upgrade without having to replace parts (i.e. add more RAM, add a GPU, but not have to replace CPU). Here are the parts I currently have on my list:

The SSD is for the OS and games. The NAS drives are for photos/videos/etc. that I want to store with minimal risk of losing them.

Are there any changes you would recommend that would keep the power of the system about the same but lower the price?
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  1. Honestly everything seems pretty good. A few things that could save you some money though. i5 is more than enough even for the most CPU intensive games and "most" software. Also you can probably get a cheaper PSU, both of which are top notch as well. Also I'm not sure what resolution you have but if you aren't going to go above 1080p then you're fine with a 2gb card but if you won't to future proof it then 4gb (I don't see any future games pushing past 2 to be honest unless it's fully modded or the Crysis series keeps upping the bar, lol). Also the ASUS Z87 - pro is a pretty damn motherboard also and it's 30ish dollars cheaper.

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