My usb keyboard and mouse gets stuck...

i m facing a problem mouse and keyboard gets stuck in the middle of doing something and i frequently get a beep sound ,the sound that i get while pluging in a usb device....i m using a usb keyboard and a mouse on my sony vaio laptop and the OS is windows 7....only solution that i have got to make my devices works is by restarting the can u please tell me the reason for this problem and give me a solution for this...
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  1. See if there is a BIOS update and run it. Also try a different mouse/keyboard, you may have an issue with one of them which is causing an issue with the USB ports.
  2. If they were fine untill recently, it sounds like one of the items ( try the mouse first as it gets moved while in use) has broken one of the very fine wires inside the cable and becomes disconnected/ reconnected in use.
    Borrow a mouse to see if this is the problem, and if it is buy one that costs $10 on a proper enthusiast site, not $4 in walmart. The cable is better on a decent brand, and like wool on the throwaway ones. If you wiggle the cable where it joins the mouse you might even find the break.
  3. i updated the bios before 2 days and i m still facing the problem...i will try using a different mouse or keyboard and check if it is working...
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