Please help me choose a graphics card.

My GPU got caught in a rain storm so I need to upgrade. I have no brand loyalty and would like the best performance I can get. I want at least 1 HDMI and then either another HDMI or 2 DVI. I am trying to stay under $200. The most GPU intensive things I do are Skyrim and Fallout 3 at max detail and using two HD monitors.

My system

Mobo: ASUS P7H55-M LX
CPU: Core i3 550 (3.2 Ghz)
Ram: 8GB DDR3
PSU: 550W
Monitors: two 23" Acer S231HL 1080p

At the moment I am trying to decide between these two, basically if the extra $30 is worth it.

GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST superclocked at $165
GeForce GTX 660 superclocked at $195

I am definitely open to other suggestions though, especially if they offer a better performance/cost value.


Old card was a PNY VCG98GTEE1XPB GeForce 9800 GT if anybody cares.
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  1. The 650 Ti Boost has higher clock speeds and such but according to benchmarking the 660SC preforms better. So I'd pay the extra 30 bucks. Here are some numbers to back me up!
  2. from what i read gtx 660 only gives you +10% performance over gtx 650 ti boost. so you have to ask yourself whether that +10% worth that extra $30.
  3. The 7870 in the link performs almost evenly with the EVGA 660 SC and is 15$ cheaper.
  4. Roughly 10 frames or more depending on what game you play. Also the one in the link i showed you is the non superclocked version. So it'll be even higher frames.
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