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So I am thinking of getting a 29 inch aoc monitor that runs at 2560x1080. i was wondering if a 2gb gtx 770 would be enough for gaming on it.
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  1. yes it should be fine the width is still 1080p after all. You might have to lower the setting just a tad bit that's all
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    1080 is actually the height, that monitor is just ultrawide. I have 1 GTX 770 running Nvidia surround 3 monitors, so it's 5760x1080. I only set it up last night and I was fine with the performance on Tomb Raider, but my plan is to add 1 more for SLI. It all depends on what you accept as acceptable performance. I'm okay with less than 60FPS, your resolution will put you right around 60FPS from my guessing. You can always turn down some effects if it isn't smooth.
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