Hard Drive not detected after reassembling, then everything else went dead

Hi everyone,
I have been researching to fix my "ASUS G53SW" for over a month, there is absolutely no thread been written over the internet if I haven't read it.
Here how it started, I got this laptop 4 months ago used from Toronto, I fell in love with its performance, I put all my hard core software on it, AutoCAD, 3DS MAX, SolidWorks etc.. and that thing got me up and running.
Until one day the power jack/socket nightmare visited me. Long story short got a power socket from amazon for $7 inc shipping, disassembled the laptop, desolder the old socket, solder back the new one, add new ssd while at it, put everything back together took me about two hours, boya the computer work like a boss as it should. then updated windows and checked the new ssd stuff and restated couple times everything looked just great.
Went to bed intended to make the new ssd the OS booting drive, and keep the old one for extra storage, once I wake up next morning.
Good morning, turn the laptop on, and I get the "insert media in boot device and press a key as I call it. Rebooted, went to the BIOS its not recognizing the HDD nor SSD there too, so I figured its the SATA cable, disassembled it again and yes the cable wasn't connected properly, plugged it back, put it together partially, and still getting the same message.
Then I started trying all the following:
- Removed the new SSD and kept only the old one, didnt work.
- Checked both HDD & SSD with external sata connector and they work fine.
- Connected the HDD to another laptop and tried to check for bad sectors or any other potential problem the drive is just fine.
- Reset the BIOS with/without the HDD connected, didnt work.
- Tried to tie cable connections, still didn't work.
- Removed, touchpad, didn't work.
- Replaced RAMs, didn't work.
- Removed the motherboard battery for 40 sec. didn't work.
- Flushed the freaken BIOS, still didnt work.
After all that, I gave up and took a smoke break. Then when I came back to further investigate the problem, I turn the laptop on, and the screen is black, its not working. Maybe with all the movements and flipping upside down that occurred in the process, the cable got loosened. So I once again take this monster apart and reaffirm the connections.
Refused to work, therefore I plugged an external monitor which also didn't work.
Now the GPU probably isn't working too!! or its the motherboard??!!! or something got cracked, even with how gentle I was treating this laptop.
Its way out of warranty, It also seems out of my league, even with all my expertise.
I am afraid if I touch this thing again, will corrupt all the laptops in the neighborhood, lol.
I seriously canNOT think of anything logical that I have done to brick this supposedly high end performance laptop .
Please help me, I ran out luck, money and warranty ;)

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  1. Try turning on your laptop without the RAM memory and see if your motherboard makes a sound.
  2. AJMitchell said:
    Try turning on your laptop without the RAM memory and see if your motherboard makes a sound.

    Thanks for the reply, I will try that once I get home. And Ill keep updating this thread. It is certain that a lot of people having the same or similar issue with this particular model.
  3. AJMitchell said:
    Try turning on your laptop without the RAM memory and see if your motherboard makes a sound.

    The Motherboard didn't make a sound after removing the RAMs. How possible to replace/fix the motherboard, or it means I just lost $700 on nothing?
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