Is my Corsair HX 520 power supply good enough?

Hello, this is my second build and I was hoping to use my current PSU, a Corsair HX520, in my new build. Will it be enough? I don't intend to overclock. I've been on power supply calculator sites and they all tell me something different! This is the spec:

Intel I5-4670 Haswell CPU
ASUS Z87I PRO ITX motherboard
XFX AMD HD 7870 core edition GPU
2x 4GB RAM 1600 1.5v
Liteon optical drive
1x 120mm fan and 1x 230mm LED fan

I'm aware that the PSU may not be compatible with Haswell sleep state, but i will turn that off in the bios, unless it may cause other issues?

Thanks for your help :)

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  1. It's enough of a PSU for your build.
  2. as long as it can handle the lower powestates of the cpu your system should be fine. just dont go trying to load it up with 10 fans and 7 hdd's or you will run out of power..
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