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hi guys...sorry if what i am going to mention was already discussed, but i am wondering if my SSD Samsung 840 Pro Series 128GB working good - so i have a software Samsung Magician and i provided performance testing ...and i would like to share my results with you and i would pleased and thankful if you can just tell how the results seem to you: My OS - Win 7 x64 - version Ultimate; and here we go - the results of performance testing: 548Mb/s .....random read 93883 IOPS(i do not know what that means, but this is the highest value i´ve ever had , and it suddenly incresed when i changed Intel virtualization from disabled to enabled in BIOS) ... seq.write 342 MB/s and random write 35767 IOPS thank you very much for responding me
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  1. It's fine.
  2. Spot on!
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