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So I was given basically and empty x51 case (came without motherboard, ram, HD, graphics card)

it still got the blueray player in it and im looking to build my own stuff inside it.

the setup im looking at going with is:

- intel i5 4670
- Asrock z87e ITX
- Ram: G.skill sniper 16gb (1600mhz)
- graphics: Ausus Gtx 650ti 1gb
- 1TB HD

Now they come with an external power supply & i know this one is the 330 watt one as the previous owner had a core i7 in it.

Will this be enough power? if I need bigger how do i go about doing that as the connection for the power supply is the dell one so it is different.

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  1. What is your budget? And I recommend getting a different case, that is really small and you wont fit much in it.
  2. You are basically limited to alienware parts. They will be expensive and not worth the money. You are better off chucking the case and just using the HDD and making a new build.
  3. Ok Thanks guys,

    I am going to use the alienware one for just a media room build and getting myself the BitFenix Prodigy Mini-ITX Case for my new build. That way i dont have to deal with the power problem.. they also make good little server boxes as the hdd are so easy to access..

    Thanks for the advice.
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