Why are my cpu temperatures different

For some reason my cpu fan has been running at 100% nonstop. While I am on windows I will check HWMonitor to see what the temperatures are and they are at about 10 - 15 Celsius. When I go into the bios it says that my cpu temperatures are at around 52 Celsius. I am wondering Why this is and how I could be able to control the cpu fan because it is quite loud and annoying. I am running AMD FX-6300 with stock heatsink. My motherboard is the MSI 970A-G46.
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  1. There are a couple different sets of temperature probes to give temperature readings: the CPU socket temp and CPU core temperature.

    The CPU Socket is better at idle temperatures. The CPU Core is better for load temperatures, but is "weighted" to provide those more accurate readings, so idle readings are usually a bit off (usually below ambient).

    Check your temps when at both idle and load, and note the difference. See if you can figure out which is which. Other programs, like AMD Overdrive, or Core Temp, will also provide you readings. The BIOS sometimes provides inflated numbers; for whatever reason it can put the CPU on a mild load.
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