Can't Re-Install Win7

I've been having problems with this computer. Just burnt up a video card. Even prior to that windows 7 was acting strange from time to time. A few random error messages or a blue screen. But everything pointed at a bad video card. The last time before replacing i couldn't get any picture at all even during bios so i thought get a new one that should take care of it. I did, a EVGA GEFORCE 760 GTX. I suppose i might as well give the rest of my specs now as well: MBASM5A97 ASUS AM3+ M5A97
All in 1 mem card reader DVD RW SATA Direct 3d sound tons of fans etc
1920x1080 24 inch ASUS monitor

Anyway, when i put the new videocard in i really startedhaving problems. When i got into windows nothingworked. Windows would start to look for the drivers throw an error up stop. Over and over. Same thing when i tried logging onto the net for any reason. I was thinking repair tool or something. My system showed no virusesbefore but that program wouldget an error when it tried to load. Iwas quite litteraly at a standstill. The only other thing i could think todo was to go into safe mode with networking and try downloading more repair tools but windowswouldn'tlet me. Its worth mentioning that prior to all this when my computerwas acting funny but i still had control over it that i did disk checks and everything was fine. I also kept avg up todate and was very particular about who used this and on l y me exceptmy wife one time. I won't mention when the problemsstarted :-). So here is what i did. I reformatted and deleted the hd. It gave me a new partitionfor systemfiles so i have Disk0 partition1..100 mb system and Disk0 partition2..931.4 gb primary. I try to install win7 on the primary partition with the dvd , it copies np but never gets past 1 or 2% expanding. I first apologize for my grammar. Typing all this from a tablet that doesn't space well or correct makes it terrible. Also i have not installed any after formatting in a long time so ty in advance if you can help. When installing i am either getting error 0x80070570 or a blue screen. Do i need to buy a new hd new os or both or can either be repaired?

Should have asked before...
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  1. Hi, Check the SAtA setting in BIOS. If AHCI, set it to IDE and try installing Win7 again.
  2. I made the changes you recommended. Got to the same point in the install. This time got a Ntfs.sys error in blue screen. It also recommended i run chkdsk /f which i have done before but this time i am getting a ton of errors on the primary where as every other time there were none. Incorrectly indexed files, errors, a ton of orphaned files. It seems impossible to have this many errors considering win only decompressed 1%.
  3. Can you connect a different HDD and test (install Win 7 on it)?
  4. My only other hard drive that is big enough crashed a little over a year ago. Also Western Digital. I won't buy another. Two in a row barely made it a year apparently.
    should be here tomorrow. Been wanting a SSD but have limited funds now so thought i would try it out. Two for one so half the speed and quality of both but if it lives up to the reviews ill be happy. Well if i can get Windows freaking 7 installed on it that is...
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