Post count increased?

Not really any big deal but my post count just magically jumped by over 500 posts. I had ~850 best answers and ~8500 posts. Now I have over 9000 posts. Any ideas? More forum updates?

Actually seems like I had more like 870 best answers as well. I do understand they can be dynamic though.
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    Hey there anort3,

    The development team is running a few processes to ensure that best answer and post count are as accurate as they can be today, and started yesterday. You might see some variation as the statistics resolve, but take heart - the count will be accurate once the process is finished running.

  2. That would explain it then. I thought it might be something like that. Thanks Joe!
  3. I seem to have lost posts (Again :pfff: )
    I can honestly say anytime there has been an update or refresh like this I have ended up with decreased something or other :(

    Any news on the update to the forum based on the feedback we all provided on the new forum ? Do we have even a tentative date for when to expect it ?

  4. Hey there mactronix.

    Post count and Best Answers count should, as of today, reflect an accurate account. There were some very old threads which were purged some time ago (mostly from moderator actions) that were eliminated, but that were providing an increase in count to those users that the dev team is looking into restoring as a part of the count, but beyond this, all should be in order.

    Regarding updates and new developments, we're not setting any timelines as of yet, but much of what was discussed is being sussed out in the roadmap and the details are emerging. I'll be sure to communicate these as soon as we have definitives. (In particular, the uber-badges are looking really cool.)

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