Is it my router, modem or wireless card that is messing up?

Why do I keep losing my wireless signal on my laptop when i am in the next room from the router, but when i turn on the wifi on my smartphone or ipod touch, it works perfectly fine in that same room?
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  1. Compaq Presario CQ62-209WM

    boosted1g said:
    Sounds like an issue with your wireless card.

    You can hibernate or shutdown the laptop, remove the access panel in the bottom and make sure the two antenna leads are connected well (be gentle as the connections are not difficult to break). Otherwise i would look at replacing the entire wireless card. What latop do you have?
  2. As soon as I got home from work, I opened up the back of the computer where the wireless card was, and sure enough, one of the antenna leads were disconnected! Something so simple and now it works perfectly fine! Thank you very much!

    boosted1g said:

    Your wireless card is a half height modern card.
    If replacing the driver does not work, and the antenna leads are firmly in place then you will need to replace the card.

    I have this one and it works well for me, and should be a good upgrade from your stock card, dual band + bluetooth.

    One other thing to check (I am assuming laptop is windows 7), go to Network and Sharing Center, Manage Wireless Networks, and move your network to the top of the list.
  3. Ok, I am new to this. I've been looking around and am not sure how to do this... Could you give me a few pointers?

    boosted1g said:
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