Need Help choosing a monitor

I've been looking at three monitors for a little bit now, and I'm a bit stuck.

One is the ASUS VH238H

And the other is the ASUS VS239H-P

And the Asus VS238H-P

The VH238H I believe is a 60hz TN monitor while the VS239H-P is a 60hz IPS monitor (Correct me if I am wrong). The VS238H-P is a newer model to the VH238H apparently, and has a studier stand, but i will be mounting this to a wall.

I'm leaning towards the VS239H-P since it is an IPS, but I'm also leaning towards the VH238H's or VS238H-P 2MS response time. Which one should I get? I think the IPS would be better since i will be wall mounting.

No need to factor in the price, its just a 6 dollar difference

I'm powering them off a MSI PE GTX 760, and plan to use them for gaming. I will be gaming and i will be watching youtube and netflix a lot also, but i will be doing some gaming.

Thanks for any help!
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    Your eyes can only see at 100hz which is equivalent to 10ms. Simply put, you wont be able to tell the difference between any refresh rate under 10 ms. These "Gaming" monitors with 1ms refresh rate are overkill. While it is true that IPS panels are much better, normal monitors aren't as bad as some make them out to be. However, the viewing angles are pretty nasty and the color does look washed out. Go for an IPS panel. You will NOT regret it. Their gaming performance is more than enough as long as the refresh rate is under about 10ms.
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