For sale: MSI R7970 Lightning Watercooled

The description is in my ebay post:

The pics are from a month ago when I wanted to trade it for a 6GB version of the 7970, hence the July timestamp.

I'm happy to take new pics if requested.

The card has not been pushed hard with an overclock (running 1100mhz at the moment). I'm not sure how far it will go beyond that. I'm selling as I'm getting 2 reference 7970 cards for CF.

The card INCLUDES BOTH the EK waterblock made specifically for the lightning 7970 (installed) and the stock cooler.

Will let it go for $420 shipped on Toms, Paypal no gift. I will eat the fees.

I've 100% feedback on ebay and everywhere else, including Head-fi and heatware. Just search tingc222 or tingcong222.


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