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Hello community!
The time to replace my old and faithful Samsung Syncmaster 226bw has come and i've been looking at some monitors, both IPS and TN.
I've been thinking about the Eizo Foris FS2333 IPS screen and BenQ XL2411T TN but I can't decide which one to go with. (Never experienced IPS ingame so a bit scared of that)

But what will I use this monitor for?
Well, I play games such as League of Legends, World of Warcraft and L4D2.
I also browse internet and watch videos alot. For movies I have a 32" TV screen so I rarely use my desktop monitor to watch movies.

Both of the monitors are around the same price range where I live (Finland).

Looking for honest opinions/experiences and no IPS vs. TN arguments because I've read plenty of those and I understand the difference between those two ^.^

EDIT: Forgot to mention my specs
gtx 760
8gb ram
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  1. Your eyes can only see at 100hz which is equivalent to 10ms. Simply put, you wont be able to tell the difference between any refresh rate under 10 ms. These "Gaming" monitors with 1ms refresh rate are overkill. While it is true that IPS panels are much better, normal monitors aren't as bad as some make them out to be. However, the viewing angles are pretty nasty and the color does look washed out. Go for an IPS panel. You will NOT regret it. Their gaming performance is more than enough as long as the refresh rate is under about 10ms.
  2. The Eizo monitor has advertised 3.4 ms response time so it should be fine for gaming I guess. But the benefit of 120hz is also that I could turn off vsync
  3. Sorry. I was mistaking response time with refresh rate. IPS panels operate at about 60hz. It is true that TP panels do have better gaming frame rates. However, I have compared TP panels to IPS panels and the rich colors, far outweigh the slower refresh rate. I would personally still go for the IPS. It is only very slightly slower than the one you are currently using. Although humans can technically see at 100hz, it is very difficult to impossible to tell thee frames apart at anything higher than about 55hz(at least for me that is.) Everyone has a magic number they can actually discern frames apart. For me it is about 55hz.
  4. thank you for your opinion :) I appreciate it
  5. peskox said:
    thank you for your opinion :) I appreciate it

    remember to choose best answer.
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