Looking for a High Quality Flatbed Scanner with Automatic Document Feeder

I've been trying for quite some time to find a specific kind of scanner.

I am looking for one that scans in high quality, much in the manner of, for example, a CanoScan 9000F or similar.
But which also has an automatic document feeder.

I do not want a scanner that scans a page in 3 seconds. I am fine with waiting 20 seconds for a page, and want to scan in quite high DPI. And I don't need duplex scanning.

I've been looking for quite a while but all I can find is either a High Quality flatbed scanner, or a "fax"-quality scanner for office use.

The closest I have found are:
* HP ScanJet 5590
* HP ScanJet 8270
But the reviews that I have seen of these two are horrible...

Do any of you know of such a product?

Or maybe if it's possible to find some crazy guy who has built/can build an automatic document feeder for a CanoScan 9000F? I have even thought of trying to build one myself, but my mechanical know-how is seemingly lacking...
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  1. Have a look at Epson, Avision or Microtek.
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