6-9 short post beeps and no signal. Video failure?

Can anyone confirm if this is a graphics card problem? My pc has been running for months and sometimes the screen would go blank but come on again right after. Now though I'm getting no signal at all and around 6 or 9 short beeps when powering on. I've cleared the CMOS but no luck. Am I best off replacing the card? I have a nvidia geforce 8800GTS 648mb ( old I know)
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  1. What motherboard using? If removing the RAMs, what's the beeps pattern?
  2. It's the asrock m7n8d I think. Also it's like 7 fast short beeps tried removing ram also
  3. Do you get the same beeps pattern with or without RAMs?
    If ASRock, here's the beep codes meaning: http://www.asrock.com/support/faq.asp?k=beep
    I can't find a m7n8d model.
  4. M3n78d sorry I get constant 3 long beeps without ram
  5. Reinstalled ram and Graphics card and I now have a picture but I've also noticed when I power on all my LEDs and fans start spinning then they stop and then carry on like the power switch was flicked on and off
  6. I suggest testing the components at a local shop, if not too expensive. Or, if you can borrow a graphics card just for testing...
    Motherboard, power supply, graphics card... hard to say.
  7. Thanks, I'm upgrading soon anyway as you can tell my hardware isn't exactly high spec
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