10600 ram ddr 3 vs 12800 ram ddr3

will pc3 10600 cl9 work faster than pc3 12800 cl11
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  1. lpbz said:
    will pc3 10600 cl9 work faster than pc3 12800 cl11

    No, PC3-12800 has higher memory bandwidth and speed but has higher CL latency whereas PC3-10600 has lower memory banwidth and speed but has lower CL latency. Lower the CL value faster the memory is considered. But in this case, PC3-12800 comes out in top as it faster and moreover, there isn't much difference between the performance of CL9 and CL11.

    Good luck with the upgrade!!!
  2. Actually you'll get better performance from the 1333 sticks in this case, if the 1333 were CL10, then the 1600 would have just a slight advantage due to the bandwidth, but here with the CL9 on the 1333, they will turn the DRAM over more often so they would have the slight performance edge ---- regardless, if looking at 1600 sticks, the HIGHEST CL you should look at is 9, which is a base, for performance either CL7 or 8........with 1333 highest is CL8 to look at...
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