Can't access internet on my laptop thru my wireless router

Hi. I bought a new wireless router 300 TDSL Type W2 (Type W2). I was able to connect my desktop (Windows XP) to the router via ethernet. The WLAN light glows on it showing that it is ON. And on turning ON my laptop's wiFi, it gets connected to it too. But, it shows "No internet Access" with an exclamation sign it the network area of the notification bar in my laptop (Windows 7). I checked my router for it's IP address and entered it in "IP version 4" of "change adapter settings" in "Network & Sharing center". I entered all other settings as :-
IP address : any one between to
Subnet mask :
Default gateway :
Preferred dns srver :
altrnate dns srvr :

I'm not able to figure out why I can't access internet frm my laptop via wifi although I can access it on my desktop via ethernet....

Plzzz help !!!
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  1. Change the IP configuration to get all automatically, including the DNS servers, reboot, try again.
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