What do you guys think about this build.

As my first post, I wanna say this forum has been very helpful on my decision making to build a new system from an E8400/gtx260 system I've been riding for many years. I thought it was a time for an upgrade. Here is what I've ordered.

i7 3770K with hyper 212 plus
Asus Maximus formula v mobo
G.Skill Ripjaws 2x4gb ram
Corsair TX750 PSU
Seagate 1tb hard drive
some bluray drive from my old build
Coolermaster HAF 942

Spent about $1200(including tax & shipping) from newegg/ebay.

I was wondering what kind of an improvement I would get from my old E8400/GTX260 build and is hyper 212 plus okay if I'm not going to be overclocking? Or should I get a better one in case I want to overclock in the future? I'm only concerned with gaming capabilities.
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  1. The gtx 260 is a old card you need a good card to play games on max. Apart from that its a very good config.
  2. Yea I just edited and added the GTX660 SC I left out initially.
  3. Then its a pretty stable build but i always recommend a amd card like the 7870 ghz edition
  4. I've read about all the amd card raves, but I've always been with nvidia after a few ATI cards back in the day. Something about it seems more solid to me. Each to their own I guess.
  5. Its all about personal opinion but i used to stick with both nvidia and now amd. Anyways good luck with your build
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