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Nvidia Digital Vibrance Issues!! HELP PLEASE

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
August 9, 2013 1:43:33 PM

So I am using Asus Nvidia 670 GTX (DCT2), and an LG IPS237 LED monitor.

I have always used the Digital Vibrance feature in Nvidia Control Panel. I set my digi vib to 88% (to get good vivid colors out of my monitor). But I have a bug.
When I raise the bar to 88% - it looks awesome. The colors go vivid, bright and the screen lights up.
But when I restart the PC, shut it down and firing it up some other day, etc: the colors go slightly dimmer. The extra light goes off. And the screen is less vivid that before.
So I open up the Digital Vibrance feature again, it's still on 88% - when I touch it - the colors light up again! but only until I restart the PC again.

This is very annoying. I lose like 50% of my monitor color's intensity like that! How can this be fixed? I want to set my digital vibrance once and for all. (doing it over and over is frustrating).

Please note that the 88% after restart is still a lot better than 50% but not as good as the 88% Digi Vib the moment I set it
October 27, 2013 6:45:26 AM

A short while ago, someone posted here on this thread, that he has the very same problem as I do. I think he deleted/accidently deleted his comment.
October 28, 2013 9:32:21 AM

I'm having the same issue with every Nvidia driver release since 314.22; restart the computer or start a game application and the Digital Vibrance turns off. The only solution I have found is ALT-tab out of the game and readjust the setting in the control panel. I'm running a Gigabyte GTX680 on a Asus LCD monitor connected with a display port cable.
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March 18, 2014 4:27:57 AM


Anyone find a solution yet?
Im having the same issue with my GTX660 Ti. I used several drivers, none of them have worked. After every reboot Digital Vibrance is set back to 50%, but in the control panle its still at 60%.
May 21, 2014 2:09:19 AM


Been looking for a solution for days before I stumbled upon this post. Tried it and it seems to work for me so far. Thanks!