Vista to Windows 8?

Can I install a Toshiba Windows 8 recovery disk on a Gateway Vista 64 bit laptop?

My son's new Toshiba Satellite S-70 laptop came with Windows 7 pre-installed and (4) Windows 8 Pro Recovery DVD's for when he wants to upgrade, which will be never. Can I somehow use these to upgrade a Gateway P-7800FX Vista 64 Laptop to Windows 8? I assume these disks are model specific, but I am not sure. thanks
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  1. Sure, you can upgrade from Vista to Windows 8. If you want to upgrade from Vista to Windows 8 and keep all of your information, it will be impossible. You'd have to go from Vista to Win 7 and to Win 8. You almost have to go through the family of Operating Systems if you plan on keeping your data on the drive. If you want to wipe the drive and start fresh with Windows 8, you can do that as well.
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