looking for the best graphic card.

I am going to buy a graphic card this week. My monitor resolution is 1920x1080. Which graphic card is best. I would prefer single card. My budget is $1200. I like titan but on 09-1-13 titan ultra and 790 will be released so is it worth to wait . the gpu setup i chose must be able to play games on high for 3 years. Also do two cards produce a lot of heat.
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    So you want to buy a card for six or eight weeks of play? Check HERE for the current best, but the next generation is just around the corner, possibly as early as October, so you need to decide if you want to buy the best now or should wait a short time.

    I would just buy a 760 now, or perhaps a pair in SLI, and then spend some cash when the next thing is here.

    Sure, two cards produce more heat than one, but you get significant performance.

    Your budget is good but you may not want to spend it all now.
  2. I do have lenovo think pad 510p with 750m sli. I am able to play high games on it for 6 months at least.
    I want to buy a permanent solution for 3 years
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