Memory Speed Issue G.Skills Ripjaws X 1600Mhz + Asus P8H77-V

For past one year my PC was running on 8GB of G.Skills Ripjaws (F3-12800CL9S-4GBXL * 2) on A2, B2 DIMM slots at 1600Mhz.

FYI- The placement of DIMM slots are like A1A2 B1B2.

Recently i found out i needed more memory for Photo/Video editing and decided to buy two more of same model and make it 16GB . I purchased them and installed it. The system won't boot up. Then i thought there is some issue with the slots or the new memory sticks.

1. I have tried booting up with each sticks individually and all combinations of dual channel. The PC boots successfully.
2. On Triple DIMM slot filling, i first found out that A1,A2,B1 is a success. Any combination of 3 DIMMS which includes B2 gives me a reboot loop or no boot or a orange screen with vertical lines (Windows 8, if i press the mem ok button on the motherboard).
3. So now when i add all the sticks and fill A1,A2,B1 and B2, the system fails to boot up.

So i went into the BIOS and updated it to the latest, to start with. Nothing changed.

Started playing very carefully with the Memory config settings, and found out that a speed reduction to 1333Mhz boots up my machine but still the orange+white lines but this time consistently booting up to this screen.

So i reduced it even further to 1066Mhz... Viola.. PC boots successfully.

Guys, i am confused, please help, Am i missing something here? All the four modules are rated at 1600Mhz and they run at those speeds at single ,dual and triple DIMM config, When i add the fourth one, it fails at 1600Mhz and runs only at 1066Mhz..

Slot B2 , was running 1600Mhz ram for past one year, so i couldn't conclude the slot is damaged. It works with dual channel config.

Relevant PC Config:
Core i5-3550
Asus P8H77
GTX 670
Gskills Ripjaws X 16GB .
Seasonic G-550
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  1. You may have simply found one the others don't like, it's never a good idea to mix DRAM from different, XMP won't work correctly, and there's no way of knowing if the sticks will play togeter, that's why the maker test the sticks of each package to ensure they will play nice....and XMP programming is done by the number of sticks in a package........what you could do is go to 1333 and try adding + 0.05 to the DRAM voltage, if that works, then take it up to 1600, may need to take the VCCSA voltage up to about 1.15 also
  2. Hi, It might be a CPU memory controller issue, a CPU socket bent pins or simply a RAMs compatibility one (even if similar kits).
    What you can do... is running them at 1066. You would not feel the difference.
    Or reseating the CPU and inspecting the socket for bent pins, or selling/returning the RAMs and buying a 4x4 compatible kit (look on the RAMs manufacturers configurators for finding compatible kits with the board - ex: ).
  3. I am not satisfied with my current solution. I really need to complete some design works, so for the time being i am going to go with 16GB of Gskills RipjawsX 1600Mhz at 1066Mhz! There are no bent CPU pins, i have updated the bios , tried most of the experiments possible and available on the internet. Some compatibility issue. If anyone has faced a similar issue and resolved it, kindly let me know. Thanks to the two good souls who cared to post some solutions.
  4. Did you ever find a solution for this? i am having same issue. B1B2 dont work at all
  5. As explained above, mixing sets of DRAM, even the same exact model can be problematic, there's no guarantee that any two sets of DRAM will play nice, DRAM is packaged in a variety of number of sticks and different amounts, the sticks in a particular package are tested to work together and guaranteed, mixing sets, no guarantee
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