Asus M5a97 R2.0 And Radeon HD 7770 2gb

About a week ago i bought a whole new system
AMD Fx 6300
Asus M5a97 R2.0
2x8 patriot RAM
Corsair HX750w 80+ Gold Certified PSU

and i already had a Radeon Hd 6570
so a couple days ago i got my new Asus Radeon HD 7770 and plugged it into my systen and turned it on, i got no beep and no post, and my display showed "no signal" Iv tryed everything to get it to work the fans still spin, and the green LED comes on but no beep from the speaker and no post, and my next thought im thinking is the BIOS. right now its at 1503, do i need to update it to run this Graphic Cards, thats really the only thing i can think of.
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  1. Have you tried your old card? If it works do you have any other PC you can test the HD 7770 on? You don't even have to install AMD drivers on it if they're not on there already. Just see if the monitor comes on. Also, have you done the obvious debugging (like making sure the six pin power connector is plugged in)?

    I actually have an ASUS HD 7770 2GB - just got it this past week. Its running beautifully!
  2. Yes Its In Right Now, I Dont Have another PC to test it on i was gonna bring the graphics card into a shop to see if they can check it for me. Yes i connected the 6-pin connector. The corsair comes with a 6-pin+2 so i only need the 6-pin part

    Could it be the VGA to DVI adapter? maybe if i get a VGA to DVI cable instead?
  3. Is it working yet was it just the GPU not working or was it just not work with the motherboard because i am starting my build soon and want to know if all the parts worked fine together in the end?...
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