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I want a Decent Gaming computer for 600$ or 550$ but I Want to include the GTX760 in it I there a way to do that without having crappy specs other than the GTX760? I can squeeze up to 700$ but that's the highest, even though I would like 550$ - 600$. I will be playing minecraft, skyping, and recording at somepoints with Fraps. So I need something that can run minecraft on short render distance and fast graphics with no clouds. It might be easier with those settings. So I need help! I need at least 8 GB of ram too. and I definitely want an i5, no matter the type. I really hope that's possible.
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  1. Since of the price, to save a bit of money. Switch to an AMD FX 6300 @ 3.5GHz, its perfect for gamers and daily tasks such as skype! GTX 760 is a great card but I'll would wait till X Mas comes because the price may be lowered alot which will save alot of money!
  2. You can use this site called PCPartPicker, you can select all the parts you want and see the price, it's really easy to use and helpful...
    I used it to help build my first rig, :D
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