best gaming graphic card under 150$ ?

as the title i am looking for a low budget graphic card
my setup :
q8200 2.3ghz overclocked @3ghz
4gb ddr2
regular 500wat psu ( i will buy a new one with the graphic card )
current graphic card : gt520 2gb :pfff:
usage : gaming ( i am not looking for ultra high setting with 60fps on 3 monitors setup i just want to play games :lol: )
( sorry for my bad english )
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  1. byogamingpc said:

    what about the gtx 650 non TI ? ( i am an nvidia fan boy :pt1cable: )
  2. Nah. 7770 will outperform the non Ti or TI boost version of the 650. Currently the 7770 is the best GPU under $150.
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