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I have a ssd /hdd setup. 120 gb ssd and a 500gb hdd. My os loads from the ssd and my game library is on the hdd. Is there a way to get a second ssd and use it as a cache for the hdd
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  1. Yes, if your motherboard chipset supports IRST.
  2. Oh sorry guess I should have given all my specs. Mobo is asus p8z77-v lk, cpu i5 3570k. My ssd has 91.7 GB free. Should I use it as a cache drive as well or would that significantly affect the speed. If so what's the optimum size to use as cache. Btw my ssd is Samsung 84 pro 120 gb.
  3. Okay, so you are good to use IRST.

    I would not use your OS drive in an IRST cache setup -- that would adversely impact its performance. The optimal size drive for using to cache would be a 60GB or 64GB drive, as that is how much IRST will support.
  4. Thanks for that
  5. One more thing, how big of an improvement does the cache make. Benchmarks would be great.
  6. It makes a pretty big difference, but I don't have links to any of the benchmark articles that I've seen.
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