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Need help building my first high end low-ish budget gaming only computer

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August 11, 2013 11:32:00 PM

Hey so my birthday is coming up and I wanted to build a computer. The problem is, I have ABSOLUTELY no experience in computer building. I've been researching like crazy and have come across CybertronPC and CyberpowerPC so first of all, if I were to; so to say "build one" though I am not going to be physically building it myself, which company would be better? Or if there are any others with outstanding records? Second of all, the budget, since that is incredibly helpful in letting you answer more accurately. My budget I hope will be is $1000 and or less maybeeee going $100 over isn't too bad. I will mostly be playing WoW, Diablo 3, Battlefield 3 later on 4 hopefully, any games I end up buying on Steam Smite, LoL, CoD series games, Halo series etc. Mainly FPS and RPG's and MOBA's. My main game will indeed be WoW. I want it to run so when I first try it out on the games my reaction will be. THE POWER LEVELS ARE OVER 9000! So.. amazing, fast, fluent, no chop while running on thee HIGHEST qualities for EVERY game I play, meaning highest resolutions everything on MAX settings. Also I will be recording using FRAPS. So if you masters of the computers can help me out I will really appreciate it, my birthday is next month. PS if you can include a $1k budget including a good 1080P monitor, and one without the monitor included that'd be awesome. Thank you!

REITERATION NOTE: I WILL NOT BE BUILDING THIS COMPUTER PHYSICALLY MYSELF! I live in the Portland, OR area so if you know a place that can build one for me or great site that provides parts and puts the computer together for you like the two sites I mentioned, that is the route I will be very much wanting to go down!

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August 12, 2013 3:20:06 AM

Linzy Marcum said:
Hey there THee,

If your on a budget AMD is always the way to go, I love there cpus and gpus. I personally build computers as a business from home and sell them over the internet in the united states. I know what you are going through because i have been there myself. If you want help building a pc, i would be more than happy to assist, or build one for you.

My idea for a 1000$ budget build, could actually perform very well, but asking on toms for a budget build usually gets answered with just a tower.. WHen i build, i include 11 button gaming mouse, steel series z board, Turtle beach headset, a 22" plus Hd monitor, and a crazy fast mid tower pc.

I own Pcpowerbuilds. I am currently in construction of the website and am licensed in Illinois as a Llc. My budget freindly build would be the Oreon- X. Its $973, Includes the mouse keyboard, monitor, , 1tb wd hdd, $450watt 80 plus bronze certified powersupply, 8gb ddr3 1600mhz cl9 ram, Radeon hd 7850 graphics card, Nzxt gamma case, 6core Amd fx6300 processor, and Coolermaster hyper 212 evo cooler, and some cool led case fans to light up your new rig. I professional wire this, Install windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, License it in your name, and mail it to you

. I do charge shipping on this build, and offer certain upgrades, Like a Samsung 128gb Solid state drive to make your os and a game or two Lighting fast when loading. I have build a ton of these Oreon - X builds, and I've gotta tell ya, they are pretty wicked little machines. They fly through world of warcraft M.O.P with 65-80 frames In Sw on a high pop realm. Battlefield 3 was rocking out at 64 frames per second online last time i played on mine.

I have pictures of my work that i was using to post on the gallery of my new website, and i have references that can attest to the quality and performance of my builds.

If you would just like some help building this machine, i can give ya my number and walk ya through it. Its really not that hard to do, Just takes sitting down and alotting about 2-3 hours out of your day to get it right the first time. I will p.m. You my Ph: number so you can give me a call. Good luck if you decide otherwise.

I'm liking the sound of it already, few questions though. What kind of Monitor is included and as for the Mouse and Keyboard do I have to take it with the package or is it not necessary and can I discard it for more room for upgrading the tower since I already have a mouse and keyboard. I have a tower pre-built from CyberpowerPC that's like 1400 but comes without a monitor. I was already planning on the Radeon 7850 so that's great. Only things I probably would want to upgrade are the power supply, processor, maybe a 16gb ram instead of 8gb and adding a SSD, well actually if its possible for any upgrades since I know room in the case is limited, but that 1TB is perfect I don't think I'll even be able to scratch the surface of all that space haha.
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