Best Budget PC for Gaming ($500-$700)

I have no experience with building PCs and I need help putting one together. I want to be able to play the current as well as next-gen games on med to high quality with a price range preferably under $700. If anyone can help this noob I'd greatly appreciate it!
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  1. That's tough with that budget but doable... Especially if you live in the United States. Where do you live?

    Also do you have any parts you can use from an older computer? A hard drive? a DVD drive? a case? With this kind of budget you want to try and save money any way possible. What kind of computer do you have now? Consider upgrading it if possible. Have an AM2+ Motherboard? Pop in a 1090T, get some more RAM, get a new graphics card, a new power supply, and there you go..
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    Here's a tough one to beat for just a little over $500.00 You still need to buy an OS (Operating System) and peripherals (mouse, keyboard, and monitor) as well but you get the idea.

    I am actual more familiar with Intel but you will be hard pressed to beat the price to performance ratio of this particular build. It is very upgradeable as well as your budget increases over time you can upgrade each component as you see fit. Nonetheless, this would be an excellent starting point for a gaming rig. Your particular preferences to be determined as you see fit later. Good luck and have fun with it!
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