LGA 2011 vs LGA 1155

Hello, I have decided that I am going to be buying an Intel i7 Processor this year. However, I do not know what one I want. I know that generally speaking, the Sandy Bridge-E and upcoming Ivy bridge-E are a lot more expensive with the exception of two processors, the i7 3820 and the upcoming i7 4820k.

The main selling points of the LGA 2011 for me are the better upgrade path, the ability to run crossfire on X16 PCIe vs X8, and potentially the higher performance. The problem is that the higher end CPU's are around $600 and $1000 respectively and the motherboards cost more and are usually larger.

As for Haswell I am really liking the lower power consumption and the cheaper price of the motherboards for more features. But I have heard that gamers do not like them because they run hotter and have barely more performance than Ivy Bridge.

I do not really care much for overclocking past 4.2 GHz because I feel it isn't worth the time invested for gaming, and I also generally do not like motherboards that cost so much because they have too many crazy features instead of quality of build. Yes i am planning on doing 7950 crossfire.
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  1. Well overclocking to about 4.2ghz on a decent cooler will not have high temps on hasewell, the IB-E and SB-E are soldered so temps are good. Beside costs x79 has a boat load more pci-e bandwidth the reasoning for the x16 crossfire/sli, u have the upgradability for IB-E and the 6 core cpus, the i7 3820 doesnt rlly perform much better than a 115x i7. Even tho x79 can do pci-e 3.0 x16, x8 with 3.0 is better than x16 2.0 so either choice is good to get for crossfire.

    Id say get a z87 lga 1150 asus board as they have the 4way optimization that will OC for u with great settings and if similar to my friends z77 maximus V gene will recommend 4.6ghz lol

    Really all x79 has is the ability to go to the 6 core i7s or go IB-E and its connectivity with its pci-e bandwidth is the only things i can think of that isnt board specific
  2. X79 has the better upgrade path. But what are you using this for? Just gaming? If yes, then I would suggest you to get a Haswell build since it'll be cheaper and will be enough to power your GPUs.
  3. Ok so an i5/i7 Haswell CPU and a Maximus VI Hero would be a good setup, regardless of not having the dual x16 slots?
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