3 monitor setup for a new custom built PC (with Radeon HD7970)


First time posting here on the forums so I hope somebody will be able to help me. I'm preparing a custom built PC. The specs goes like this:

- Intel I7-4770k
- Asus Sabertooth Z87
- 32GB Kingston Hyperx Dual-DDR3 2400MHz (4x8GB)
- 3GB AMD Radeon HD7970
- 120GB Kingston Hyperx 3K SSD
- 20GB INTEL SSD 313 Series (SSD cache drive)
- Corsair 850W (TX850 V2-80 Plus)
- Corsair H100i Hydro CPU cooling
- Asus Xonar DS sound card

I intend to use a triple 3D monitor configuration (as far as I know Radeon is a good pick for this due to EYEFINITY) but I'm a bit confused. I was searching the Radeon website when I came accross the recommended 3D Displays for the HD7970 GPU. Here is the link.

Of course my budget is somehow limited and I don't want to sink in a fabulous amount of money. I've googled around for these monitors but unfortunately I cannot find all of them in stock around the UK.

My question is: can you please suggest me a 3D monitor which would work with my above configuration? My budget is around 200gbp for 1 (so let's say around 600 gbp for all 3 of them). I found a few 3D monitors in the 150-200gbp range but I'm not sure how any of them would behave. Of course I don't need a top range display, I'm targeting a lower budget.

A professional/experienced input would be much much appreciated :) Thank you in advance for all of you.
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  1. Any particular size you'r looking for? and if thinking 3D might want to look to nVidia
  2. Those are only if you plan to run 3d. If you don't need 3d, regular monitors will be fine.
  3. Called a buddy, he suggested the Asus, VG248QE, best w/ nVidia
  4. Tradesman1 said:
    Any particular size you'r looking for? and if thinking 3D might want to look to nVidia

    I'm looking for a 23" display (well three actually). The idea is that I initially wanted to opt for an Nvidia GTX 780 but I read that it can be exhausting for a GTX 780 to deal with a triple display setup while on the other hand side the HD7970 has a native support for mutiple monitors (eyefinty 3 or 6). My sources might be wrong so please feel to correct me.
  5. byogamingpc said:

    Thanks for the link. This looks like something that I would be happy with. So, 3x this Asus model would work without problems on my above build? I intend to use it mostly for the workspace area (I currently use a dual monitor setup) but since I will invest some money in this new PC I want to have a minimal 3D support too. From my understanding nvidia handles 3D better but a HD7909 would do the job too. Gaming is not that important, I'm more work orientated but of course, from time to time, my gamer side would enjoy some 3D fun :)
  6. Tradesman1 said:
    Called a buddy, he suggested the Asus, VG248QE, best w/ nVidia

    Thanks for taking time to look into this. At this point I'm oscillating between GTX 780 and HD7970. The key facts in my case are:

    - main purpose of usage would be for work (need the triple display setup for workspace mainly)
    - from time to time I would be happy to enjoy a few hours of quality gaming (if HD7970 handles 3D well I consider buying a 3x 3D monitors, hence my post here on the forums)

    If you would be in my situation, which GPU would you go for? Thanks again!
  7. Tradesman1 said:

    Cool, thanks for the link.
  8. I wouldn't go for the 770, for a triple monitor setup you want the extra gigabyte of vram at the hd7970/780 as well as the 384bits memory bus of the hd7970. I would choose between hd7970 and 780 depending on how much you want to spend, but wouldn't opt the 770
  9. ^ I think the decision should revolve on whether you plan to really use 3d
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