HP Pavillion dv6-6170us weird Fan Problem / Question about replacement Keyboard


i have bought a dv6-6170us Laptop from two years ago from USA
before 6 months began my Problems with the Laptop
i was playing Assasin's Creed Revelations and suddenly the game started to lag in a weird way and even the mouse too
i managed to close the game but when i touched the Laptop i noticed that it was very hot and there was no sound from its Fan "because it makes normally a loud sound when i play games"
i simply turned off my Laptop and waited for it to cool down then i started it again and saw a System Error Message (90B)
i tried to blow air in the venting holes many times and there was no improvement at all and the error stayed
during light use of the laptop i noticed that the Fan sometimes works as it should for a couple of minutes and then stops, after that it spins maybe one round with a quiet sound and then stops, this happens for a couple of times and then it stops completely.
after some time i started to monitor the Temperature of the Laptop through a Program called "fan speed"
and my laptop reaches some time 95 C and the Fan won't start.
i've disassembled my laptop completely and it seemed to spin well when i blowed air in it directly and there was no dust on its venting holes
but i saw that there is some kind of a paste at the connection points between the fan pipes and the motherboard "there are two points probably one for the GPU and the other for the CPU" and there was a hole "a spot not covered with paste" in one of them.

if anyone have any solution for this problem i would be gratefull because the repairing costs here are too high.
does it need replacing or should i change the paste or there are some kind of sensors and they're not funktioning properly.

my other question is that i accidently broke my keyboard cover when i opened up my laptop and it needs to be replaced but i wasn't able to find the exact model number in Germany.
HP part surfer USA mentioned two models "640436-001 and 665326-001"
I found the same models here in Germany but the last three digits were different "640436-031 and 665326-031"
they look the same "cable and general look" but the keys order is a little bit different and the Enter key looks different.
will they work or not ?

sorry for the long description
I really appreciate any help you can provide.
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