Newegg Opens its First Ever Pop-Up Store in California

This store will be open for three days only in California.

Newegg Opens its First Ever Pop-Up Store in California : Read more
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  1. worthless without PC hardware for DIYers
  2. gggplaya said:
    worthless without PC hardware for DIYers

    Way to show how completely ignorant you are of marketing and selling a product. Why does a DIYer need to see a CPU hands on? You can't test it unless it's in a machine. Newegg already takes care of that with their online service.

    They're trying to show the back to school crowd who isn't educated in the advancements of notebooks and pcs, the reasons why they should upgrade. SSDs, better displays, increased battery life, extremely fast boot times, etc.

    Being a business major, particularly Finance and Economics, I have often wondered why intel hasn't shown off their new Haswell CPUs in a booth to show people why they need Haswell in their new laptop. If intel was intelligent, they'd put a booth like this in every BestBuy (Similar to how Bestbuys usually have a mac section with people dedicated to helping you) and show off their Ultrabooks, which IMO are quite expensive (around $1k) but would have decent profit margins, and I think a lot of parents would be convinced to purchase them for back to school due to their light size, good performance, and great battery life for all day work.
  3. gggplaya said:
    worthless without PC hardware for DIYers

    Might work for DIYers if you're in the market for an SSD, HDD, NAS, or a sound system for your PC:

    According to the company, Newegg will be "showrooming" Intel-inspired Ultrabooks, 4th generation Intel Core i7 laptops, VAIO laptops, tablets, digital cameras and wireless speakers from Sony, tablets and solid-state drives from Samsung, hard drives and personal cloud storage devices from WD, and many more.

    Sort of an interesting concept. I but they will do this more often around the holidays.
  4. Can I get some AMD love.
  5. gggplaya, the pop up will likely have components at special prices. It will also display the latest in portable tech, judging from the article, like fence-sitting ultrabooks that make the transformer sound (Or at least, they better make that sound) when you turn them into tablets. It's also a great link to the Back-to School promo, likely with employees who have an inkling of what they are selling.

    Would you prefer these moms and dads, well-intentions aside, get their buying advice from the staff at Best Buy? Haven't you ever rolled your eyes on Woot at some mother asking if an aging, overstock HP will be good for her daughter going to school for graphic arts or heard dad talking to a "Genius" about the right machine for his son the gamer? This is the chance for their kids something that actually preforms as needed.
  6. "Newegg was founded by Fred Chang in 2001, and chose that name to symbolize a new birth during the aftermath of the dot-com crash in 2000 to 2001."

    That all sounds dandy, but I'm pretty sure Newegg was a play on words and competition for the (at the time) online giant that did exactly the same thing Newegg does... Sadly Egghead had some really bad security leaks and went bankrupt and was acquired by Amazon the same year Newegg opened.
  7. Next stop Columbus, OH please
  8. I love Newegg. It's frustrating to get a business relationship with them though.
    I work for a nonprofit department of a greater company, and because our finance has to work through the greater finance (despite being largely independent) we can't set up a vendor agreement.
  9. Man if I go there I would need to leave my credit card in the car if you catch my drift... :lol:
  10. Honestly, Newegg has been garbage since they switched from FedEx to UPS. If buying stuff from their store is anything like ordering online, it's likely a purchase made Friday after work would arrive via next-day-shipping two days after labor day. I still occasionally use their website to price components, then turn around and order them from Amazon for the same price with free two-day shipping that really means free (no bogus rush processing fees) and really means two days and I'm a lot happier for it.
  11. didn't newegg start out as egghead software, a physical store that nearly went out of business because physical stores just aren't profitable? Hopefully history doesnt repeat itself.
  12. If they're mostly selling hardware, it's be a great chance to show off some new products using a demonstration. They could even have a few workshops on how to build a computer for those that are new to it. It'll allow them to differentiate themselves from Bestbuy.
  13. A pop-up Showroom not a Store. You can pay, but you can't walk out with a purchase.

    Yes they did have stores before, I saw my Yamaha 2.1 sound system there, sprucewood drivers. I purchased the system ar J&R because their pricing was not competitive, at the Grand Central Terminal store.
  14. Newegg "Showrooming"? Isn't that what Best Buy if for?
  15. Can they sell hardware AND costumes and candy? :D
  16. Doesn't that mean they'll have to charge sales tax to California residents?
  17. jryan388 said:
    Doesn't that mean they'll have to charge sales tax to California residents?

    They already do. Which is why I only buy hardware with bitcoin. There's a few guys that will sell anything Amazon has at 15% discount.
  18. 3 days... uhh I guess that's better than nothing. I wish they were making a store in California though.
  19. ipwn3r456 said:
    3 days... uhh I guess that's better than nothing. I wish they were making a store in California though.

    IMHO -With the big box electronics stores sinking left and right, I can't see them opening a permanent store.
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