How to Install Windows 7 from my old HDD to a SSD

How to Install windows 7 from my HDD to a SSD, but keeping my programmes on my HDD as storage etc and just have windows on the SSD for faster booting etc. Again i do not want to loose the data on my HDD.
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  1. There is no easy way to do this to my knowledge.
    Its recommend to fresh install the OS to the SSD while the hard drive is not connected. Make sure your ssd's sata port type is set to ahci in the bios.

    How big is the ssd and how much space is being used on the hdd?
  2. Couldn't you just clone the drive ??

    Would this work ?
  3. Im only getting a 64bg SSD and my HDD is currently only got 559gb free from a 1TB, All i want to try and do, is just move the OS system to the SSD
  4. Nope, you can't pick and choose when you clone or migrate.

    This is the only software I know of that might be able to do it. I've never seen a real review of it though, just other manufactuers claiming 'its the best'
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