What is the best way to add more storage to a mac mini

I have a mac mini running 24/7 which acts as a server, home theater system and lots more. The problem is offcourse storage. My current setup is just 3 external harddrives connected via usb to the mac mini. This has worked fine, but i would like something more reliable, faster and scalable.
I would like to run raid so if one disk crashes i can still access the data and replace the crashed drive with a new one.
The main usage is storing movies, tv-shows etc which i can play from my mac with plex.
One of the things that annoy me today is that the external harddrives always needs 4-8 seconds spinning up when i need to access them. This i'm hoping to avoid.
There will only be one computer accessing the drives so i really dont need a NAS system for sharing storage on my local net.

I'm thinking i need at least 4 drives (3TB) each.

What options do i have? I have looked at the Drobo 5d and 5n, but maybe that is overkill?
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  1. Nas's make cheap storage setups, aside from that the mac mini leaves little choice but the more expensive thunderbolt enclosures
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