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Build a Future Proof or Loose Less Money PC?

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Which do you think I should get?

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  • LGA 1155 with i5-3570k
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  • LGA 2011 with i7-3820
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  • AM3+ with FX-8350
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August 14, 2013 2:23:31 AM

So I have put myself in a bit of a circle argument with myself, LGA 1155 for a good PC at a decent price, LGA 2011 for a possible future proof PC, or AM3+ for a cheaper but possibly future proof PC.

In regards to the 1155, I would get the 3570k. This, as I have read so far, is one of the best CPUs for the low price that you can get. I would be able to play all my games just fine. The issue, we're coming towards the end of the 1155 lifespan. Although it is still a great CPU in time I will have to upgrade both the CPU and the motherboard.

For the 2011, I would get the 3820. The CPU being a more expensive 3570k is a negative, but have having a 2011 motherboard would give me some space for future proofing the build and allow me to upgrade just the CPU in a few years. The problem, 2011 being fairly new means that I am paying double what the 1155 would cost for the same performance.

Then the AM3+, which would have the FX-3850. The reason I would pick this is that it is cheaper then the 1155, almost meets the same performance, and could be future proof. Now, I say it "could be" because it's an 8 core CPU. I do like to multitask so that gives a bit of a plus for getting it, and currently it might fall under the other builds but with the new consoles coming out I have a feeling that games may be scripted to use more cores. That's all a big maybe though, meaning this could just be exactly like the 1155 and I'll have to replace both the motherboard and the CPU in a few years. Not only that, but I would hope that AMD comes out with a new socket type to better perform and I would still have to upgrade the CPU and motherboard for that as well. There's also the option of purchasing the FX-9370, which would cost as much as the i7-3820 but with a cheaper motherboard, and would be better, the issue with the 9370 is that I have read it is essentially the same as the 3850 but with the overclocking done for you.

This has been the only issue I have had in selecting PC parts. Everything else was fairly easy, but this is something where I feel like right now is where we will start to see some changes in PC parts and it is hard to predict what the changes may bring. I'm not counting on the new consoles fully changing the way games are built, but I do expect that it is going to cause some changes due to how big consoles are becoming/currently are. The other issue I have with going to Intel is they are constantly releasing something new, which is great given that it's the opposite with AMD and that's something I wish AMD would do, but also a bit annoying knowing that in a year or two Intel will release another socket type that I'll want to upgrade to. There's also the fact that DDR4 is supposed to be coming out in the next couple of years, and I don't expect it to be something we need in our PCs I'm sure it will be something that is a definite benefit.

A little more info on myself and my gaming: I'm not a hardcore gamer. I play a variety of games but I don't play all the time, just on the weekends. The big game that I know I will dedicate my life to is Star Citizen (For those of you who don't know what it is, google it, it's amazing). I do love learning how to edit and create videos, this also includes slowly teaching myself Maya and am just now starting to learn Adobe and Autodesk. I enjoy both playing a game while streaming videos and doing some homework, that's where the AM3+ fits me. If you have any other questions, please let me know and I'll try to answer as best as I can.

I know that predicting the future is impossible, but ensuring that my PC is both a good short term and long term investment is something that I would like to do. Any advise would be great.

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August 14, 2013 3:06:13 AM

Hello .o/

By taking socket LGA2011 with an i7-3820, you will have Sandy bridge-E processors like the i7-3930K, i7-3960X and i7-3970X to your disposal and also the Ivy Bridge-E i7-4930K, i7-4960X and i7-4970X to your power; (if my knowledge into Intel's processor nomenclature has any aspects of accuracy); but they won't come cheap!

Conversely, Intel's Maxwell processors are said to be rumoured, that will make use of a new socket LGA2011-3, and will present you with potential Hexa and Octa core CPUs! It could deem more effective to wait for this new socket, as upgrading from LGA2011 to LGA2011-3 will be something of high sumptuousness.

I should also state that I have minimal study into AMD's processors so will be unable to help you there. But what I've gathered are that high-end Intel CPUs blitz high-end AMD CPUs, (or at least at the moment they do).

I hope that this helped! (:
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August 14, 2013 5:00:48 AM

In regards to the 1155, I would get the 3570k. This, as I have read so far, is one of the best CPUs for the low price that you can get. I would be able to play all my games just fine. The issue, we're coming towards the end of the 1155 lifespan. Although it is still a great CPU in time I will have to upgrade both the CPU and the motherboard.

3570k is good (if you OC) but there is better one if you do not OC. Then intel xeon 1230V2 is really good.
That is faster than 3820 at stock clock speed. You do not need expensive OC able motherboard with this.
And it is cooler than 3570k. Low tdp. No iGPU in this chip but really do you need one anyway?
Build like this is cheap. One killer machine for 1300 $
PCPartPicker part list:
Now remember this cpu is i7, faster than 3820. And it is cheap. HT + 8 treads.

For 2011 build. Best wait new 4930k or 4920 to come out. They come store in two mnths.

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August 18, 2013 6:50:32 PM

I would argue that for scalability, the best bet would be a solid AM3+ motherboar with a FX-6300 CPU.
The price is nice AND performance for dollar is good also.
+ There are better options for AM3+ right now that will only get cheaper with time.
+ There likely are going to be more AM3+ CPU generations coming out.
+ There likely is going to be an AM4 CPU generation that is AM3+ backwards compatible.
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August 18, 2013 7:07:05 PM

First off, as you already stated, there is no way to future-proof your computer. Everything will be obsolete in a year or two, whether it be the i7-3970X, FX-8350, or i5-4670k.

You do edit and render videos, but it seems like you're still learning and don't do it very often.
With that said, definitely do not get LGA 2011. A LGA 2011 platform is meant for hard-core workstations for people who just render videos all day.
You can save yourself tons of money and grab the FX-8350 or i7-4770k which will take 5-10 seconds longer to render.

The AMD platform is definitely the sweet spot here. However, if you can, the i7-4770k with a Z87 chipset motherboard is probably the best option.