Need a Graphics card with hdmi audio output

Yes. I know its sounds really weird, but I want to utilize my 30” inch LED TV and its built-in 7.1 surround speakers. I know some cards comes with hdmi outputs can deliver sounds. But I’m not sure about which one to choose. Please help me out with this. And yes my TV has two hdmi outputs. I want to play games like crysis 3, Need for Speed, Battelfield 3, MOH Warfighter etc.

I have 3770k, asus P8Z77 motherboard with memory and a 400w PSU.

Very recently I upgraded my system but didn’t bought a graphics card. I have some 1000$ and I cant spend more than that. And yes I have to buy some good memory.

Is that possible to get every thing within my budget ?

Thanks in advance for giving me your time.
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  1. No buddy. There is nothing weird about it. If you have a 7.1 built in speaker system with your TV then its always a good idea to utilise them.

    Now your system. 30” is really REALLY high resolution for gaming. For that you have to buy a BIG CARD…. In my opinion a sapphire vapor-x HD7970 6GB edition is the best for the budget. It comes with 6GB memory which is really necessary for your resolution and its also comes with 7.1 channel audio.

    Now for memory, I would recommend 16gigs of 2133 gskill ripjaws z series

    You really need to change your power supply. 850w recommended but a 1050w would be better.

    Don't worry they are going fit in your budget.
  2. What about the nvidia GTX Titan?
  3. Titan is the best but it is out of your budget.
  4. I have a Msi GTX 680 twin frozr III with 2 GB memory and it can run Battlefield 3 onULTRA on 32 inch full HD tv , IMO the gtx 680 is enough and it only needs a 550W power supply.
  5. byogamingpc said:
    A GTX 780 SC is more than enough. The size of your TV doesn't make a difference, only the resolution and 1080p is easily handled by the 780.

    1080 means 2100x1080 right? But my tv is a 2560x1600
  6. Then go with the 6 gigs 7970 if you want some decent fps on maxed out crysis 3.
  7. What about the 7990?
  8. You are comparing a single gpu card with a dual gpu card. actually 7990 comes with 2 7970 gpus in it. 6gigs of vram. You have to spend more 100-150$ for it.
  9. worth the price?

    I can manage it.
  10. Obviously. Its worth every single bucks. If you can manage the 100$ then gor for it !
  11. Ok going to order it from newegg.

    thanks guys for your precious times.
  12. Hey i got something for you. If you're still tracking the thread and didn't order the 7990 then wait for a while for sapphire to release their 7990.

    After ares 2 this the coolest card i've ever seen. link-,23516.html

    Its factory watercooled with a stock reservoir. no more heat issues. :)
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