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I've been having wireless network problems so I recently purchased a new wireless adapter(Linksys wireless-N USB Adapter N600 dual band) and I still seem to be having issues. For example, when watching videos on youtube I click the HD option for the video and it selects it but the video quality doesn't change at all. Also, at times I will only be able to connect to certain webpages or sometimes I can't connect to any webpages or play any online video games but skype will work perfectly at the same time. . please help
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  1. Skype seems to run on the dirtiest and slowest networks around with no problems. Must be some secret.

    Try to use a wired connection and see if you have the same issues. This sounds more like your ISP is have a issue or you have a issue with the connection to your house.
  2. Are you in control of the router? Is it possible the owner has implemented QoS & parental controls?

    If not, then it sounds to me that there are issues with the device you are using. Have you tried clearing the browser(s) cache?

    I don't think this is wireless network related from the info you have provided.

    Hope this helps
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