Feser One F1 Cooling Fluid - UV Green

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  1. Safe yes, I still would never use it with aluminum regardless what they tell you. pure distilled water is the best for preformiace
  2. Ok, thanks for your reply Thequn. I'm on the fence whether to use a colored fluid or just plain distilled water. I might go with colored tubing and a colored reservoir tube. I don't have everything for my new build yet so I'm still looking around at different setups.
  3. i use a 10-20% solution of coolant mix in every build, I tend not to fallow the rules. lol i also add dyes' but i cant see my tubing its all insulated now, because i am cooling it with ice and my reservoir is 5 gallons of water at around 1-5*c
  4. Geez 5 Gallons?! How in the heck do you manage something like this? That's insane! lol I'd like to figure out how to put ice around an internal reservoir. I suppose I could mod a 5 gallon bucket and use it as a external reservoir. Do you freeze cubes of distilled water or is that where the 10-20% solution come in?
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