What CPU should I partner with my Palit GTX670 vanilla?


I'm planning to build a new mid range gaming rig. I currently have a Palit GTX670 vanilla and a Corsair HX750W PSU. I'm planning to partner this to a fx8350 cpu, will this bottleneck my gpu? can I just go for amd a10-6800k also, cheaper.

I'll mainly use this rig for mmo games + streaming and photoshop apps.

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  1. Do not pair an A10 or any APU for that matter, with a GPU of that sort!

    Not only does it do an injustice to the GPU, but it will probably also bottleneck quite abit.

    Not to mention that an APU already has integrated graphics. An FX-8350 would be superb.

    If you're into Intel, then an i5 would be perfect too. You just need to decide if you're into overclocking

    and what generation of CPU you'd like. An i5-4670 is of the newest generation for instance, on Intels side.

    While an i5 like the i5-3570K is of one generation behind the previous one; yet it's good at overclocking.

    You can of course also get K edition "4th" generation CPUs too, like the i5-4670K. It's important for you

    to get a good CPU, seeing as they're equally important as a GPU, in a gaming rig; yet especially so when

    it comes to MMOs, seeing as they tend to be more CPU-bound that most other games.
  2. So I think it's just between fx8350 vs i3570k. I might go with the fx8350 as it's cheaper and the "more" core might have an advantage in the future. I hope it's not a decision that i'll regret in the long run. Can you guys recommend a good/economical mobo for this cpu? thanks.
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