Black Screen MSI GTX 660 Ti PE

Hi everyone,
I bought a msi gtx 660 ti PE 4 months ago, and it has worked until the last week.

What happened was that: when i am playing the game stop. And the screen get black.
So, i ctrl + alt + del and close the game...
The game sound continues working...

And i get the black screen too when i'm on the internet, desktop, some programs...
Not only on the game.
And i receive the message that the driver have stopped to work...
My drive is the most updated. 320.49

So, for recognize the origin pf the problem, i installed another windows 7 ultimate 64 bits in another HD. And the problem holds on.

I have a distrust that the trouble can be caused by my motherboard. But it's just a distrust...

One time, the energy of my neighborhood down. And 1 PCI-E slot, and 1 ram slot, stopped to work. I reseted the BIOS and all turned to normal.

PS: My memory is settled correctly. 1600Mhz.

- Corsair cx500w plus bronze;
- 2x4gb ram G. Skill Sniper 1600Mhz without overclock;
- AsRock z77 pro 4;
- i5 3570k without overclock;
- GTX 660 ti MSI PE
- My system: windows 7 ultimate 64bits

I almost RMA my card, and i remebered asking for YOU!

Anyone help me? Or the way is RMA it?

Sorry for my bad english, my main language is another.
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  1. You could downgrade the graphics driver to an old version and see if the problem persists. If that also not solved the problem then RMA the GPU.

    Use this program to completely uninstall the graphics driver and registry entries.

    Your PSU could be the other one with problem. Try to borrow a PSU from someone else and test with it.
  2. I've removed my vga earlier, and the black screen, until now, didn't come back.

    But, if persists, Ill trying your suggestion.

    Thanks for reply!
  3. HI, the problem came back again.... This time, when i was booting the system, when saw the login screen the screen got black, after red/orange... And the pc restarted. I had get the power button.
    I removed the vga and put the vga on other slot. Until now the problem doesn't came back.

    I don't know if the trouble is the motherboard, vga, or PSU.

    What do you think about it?
    There is some way to discover what component is damaged, without another machine?

  4. If that solves the problem what you did, than probably PCI-E slot on MB is bad. Wait for some days and look if the problem is coming back or not !!
  5. What i guess "funny" is that i replace the vga on the pci-e that was with problem and now its working perfectly.

    Its a riddle....
    I've already runned 3dmark, games... And the problem hasn't turned.

    The driver, i'm sure that isn't the problem.
    If before i played, why - just now - the problem rised up?

    But good. Ill upgrade this, when emerge new facts.
  6. Computer is always a riddle and you have to solve it. Ha ha. See you.
  7. The problem was the card.
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