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Hi there, 6 months ago I spent a lot of money on a new computer. The computer ran smoothly so far and never had any issues what so ever. One day while playing a game this noise started:

See video:

I tracked down the sound and I belive it's my cooler fan that is making the noise. The one I attached outside the CPU.

However, after 5 hours with the noise it suddenly stops. No idea what or why. But when I turn on my computer now I get CPU Fan error in bios Press F1.

I monitored the temperature of my CPU and it's running normal (40-46C). The fan speed is also normal around 800-1300RPM.

Should I be worried? After the incident occured I used my computer normally and the noise has never appeared again. This happend 30 days ago.

Thanks for replies.
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  1. no problem once its solved.

    Now this is what happened, some cables may touch in you CPU fan so it makes sound. some time the fan is stucked by the cable so the BIOS will show error message when start up CPU FAN ERROR "PRESS F1 TO CONTINUE". So open the case arrange the cables with tie or cable management. and re-screw it. And there you go:-D
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