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Troubles installing Windows 8

I need help to install windows 8 on a bare drive on a new build.

My system is as follows;

Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z
16gb DDR3-1600 Ram
2gb xfx core Radeon Hd 7870
Samsung 840 Pro Series 128gb (trying to make this the boot)
WD Red 2Tb (data drive-unconnected during windows install)
Samsung SH-224DB 24X SATA DVD Writer
750W PSU
Windows 8 64bit

I've tried installing windows 8 by booting from the installation media, setup runs fine, copies the files to the partition i've created. But then after restarting immediately after installing it just sits there with a blank screen. i've left the computer try to sort itself out, but it eventually turns off and doesn't boot to windows afterwards.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.
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  1. Hi Mathieu Funk
    You can Clean install windows 8 for that
    Re.Clean.Install is the only choice
    Shubham Verlekar
  2. Best answer
    I fixed it. Turns out secure boot was enabled and my dvd drive was not uefi, so i ripped the dvd iso and made a bootable flash drive, and then was able to load everything from there with no more problems. Thanks for giving it a look.
  3. ok
  4. Please choose the answerr as best solution it will help others and me
    people will see that the issue is solved
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