Graphics Card for Bottle-necked CPU... 2GB or 1GB ?

I'm planning on getting a Radeon 7850 for my aging Q6600 rig (@ 3.0 Ghz). I will be using it to play games at 1080p. I'm debating whether it's worth paying 20% extra for the 2GB version over the 1GB version.

From my research, I know the 2GB version will allow me to load higher resolution textures. It will also help with anti aliasing. But I'm concerned whether or not I can even take advantage of those perks on a bottle-necked CPU. Will the extra textures and/or anti aliasing put additional strain on the CPU? Or will those features have no impact on CPU load at all?
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  1. I'd get the 2Gb. Lots of things that use the extra memory(such as higher resolutions) don't require a better CPU. That being said, I might go for the 650 Ti Boost. It is cheaper and performs almost on par with the 7850. For your CPU it might be a better choice. Hope this helps!
  2. for the same price 7850 2gb, you can always just overclock your cpu but thatll only be like 4-6% less bottleneck on how high
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