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Best NON Gaming PC Build under $500.00?

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August 19, 2013 7:44:58 PM

Hey guys should be a simple one to figure out since I'm not wanting a gaming PC. What I'm doing is wanting to build a PC for my parents. They sell on ebay for a living. They list hundreds of items everyday all day. Which means lots and lots of uploading pictures and lots of web browsing.

Right now they have an old pentium setup.. they might as well be on an old windows 95 rig on the old school AOL dial up lol. Slow.

Its not the internet connection. They have the fastest High Speed in our area. Cox High Speed.

So heres what I'm wanting. I'm wanting to build them the Ultimate Web Browsing picture uploading monster! lol.

If with the $500.00 price range, something they can have a couple hundred pictures on the computer from the camera in just a minute or so. And something that will upload pics to ebay almost as soon as you hit upload.

I'd like to go with an Intel rig if AMD doesnt outshine Intel at that price range. I would think where most money should be spent is on the CPU. A couple of the ones I was looking at were the i5 3570k, i5 2500k, and then the AMD fx 6300. The AMD is of course the cheapest but it has some really impressive clock speeds. But from what I've read about AMD is they look a lot better on paper than they actually are.

But let me now what you guys think the best bang for the buck is in that price range. Need to know everything case, cpu, psu, mobo, etc...

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August 19, 2013 7:59:32 PM

If your parents aren't going to be playing any games whatsoever and are mainly going to be uploading images from camera, there really isn't a point in getting an unlocked processor like the intel 2500k/3570k/4670k as you don't really need to overclock. You can save some money by choosing a locked i5.
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August 19, 2013 10:12:58 PM

Your Point its super duper cheap and can be upgraded. No way I would pay for a piece of crap $300 Intel
August 20, 2013 8:13:50 AM

rcknrolfender79 said:
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What kind of currency are you using? If you are asking for some build suggestions, it's best to tell us what currency you're using, as there can be a big difference in price due to inflation and deflation.