650ti boost or amd hd 7750 1gb crossfire for 1600x900 resolution

i want to buy new gpu can you guyz plz suggest me which is better crossfire amd or 650ti boost and should run upcoming games {like gta 5 } in ultra settiings
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  1. Catalyst 13.8 Beta as said fixed most of the issues with crossfire but yes there are still some issues remaining.
    Not to mention it comes with its own set of bugs too since its still in Beta.

    But the result of crossfire would easily give you more power than an HD 7870 which is much better than a 650 Ti Boost.
    Depends if you want stability or power.

    In here I would go for stability as more frame rates are of no use if frame time variance is high. That effectively kills the smoothness no matter how high Frame Rates are.

    So better settle for GTX 650 Ti Boost instead of 7750. But that is just my humble opinion.
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